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La Belle Earth is Mother Nature giving you a hug. We strive to be an honest company that only provides Organic and eco-friendly products.  Currently we offer a line of laundry detergent named La Belle Earth Laundry Detergent in two scents: orange spice & lavender vanilla.  We are an environmentally friendly company that provides safe organic products to be utilized in every day cleaning, for your household, company, and classroom uses.  Our goal is to reduce carbon footprints, allergy reactions, and other medical risks by utilizing renewable resources that our planet provides.   By utilizing La Belle Earth brand, individuals are being protected from harsh chemicals and can know that every use helps reduce lingering odors, and also minimizes mold creation, in the washer.  We are about protecting the family from the harshness of chemicals.  We believe that the most precious thing is life is family.


We first developed this product because we have a sister that suffers from severe asthma and allergies to many chemicals found in mainstream cleaning products.  When we developed our detergent, it was because we wanted to protect her.  After much research, we decided that we should try our hand at making an organic detergent that would be strong enough to clean like the mainstream detergents, but pure enough to not cause adverse reactions in those normally sensitive to harsh chemicals.  Using a blend of traditional and modern recipes we developed a product that cleans clothes but doesn't leave a residue on either the clothes or the washer.  When we realized that other families have similar issues, and also wanted to protect the environment, we decided to make it  available to everyone!  This detergent is handcrafted as a powder, but we are currently developing a liquid version.  It's coming soon!

La Belle  EARTH

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